Tips for Choosing a Surrogate


A mother’s wish is to carry a baby in her womb and deliver it safely, but there are instances when carrying a baby to term might be difficult. Although one may opt for adoption, it might not be the best solution for every family. You can opt for surrogates San Diego services which help a mother with permanent infertility issues have their biological children. However, getting the right surrogate might be challenging as you would not know how to find one who meets your needs. These tips might help you find a surrogate mother within your price range.

Get Referrals

Sometimes trying to find the surrogate on your own might be challenging, especially if you don’t have people who have utilized their services in the past. Your fertility clinic will determine if you have permanent infertility issues which affect the womb or uterus, making it hard to carry a baby to term. Sometimes you could be fertile but have an underlying health condition such as severe diabetes and heart problems, making it difficult to have a child. You may ask for recommendations from the health facility once you determine that it is hard to get a baby. Most health clinics might work with surrogate agencies which pair mothers with suitable surrogates.

Determine the Health of the Surrogate

You may wish to know if the chosen surrogate is healthy, especially if you use their egg to create the embryo. Thus, you may request them to get some tests that indicate that their eggs are healthy and don’t pose any risk to the future baby. You may discuss the type of implantation, such as IVF, where the embryo is fertilized in the hospital and undergo several tests to ensure they are healthy before implantation.

Sometimes it is better to choose a young surrogate as they need the energy and vitality to carry a baby to term. Thus, you may settle for one between 21 and 25 years, as most ladies are mature and can carry the baby to te during this age. Moreover, you would avoid a very young surrogate as their bodies might not be ready to carry the baby. In contrast, older surrogates might not be energetic, or they would give birth to children predisposed to lifestyle conditions assisted with age.

Discuss the Costs of the Services

You will pay the surrogate for carrying the pregnancy. Thus, you would need to discuss the cost of the services before committing to their services. You would be lucky if you got a surrogate who offers the services as a charity, as some women would. However, you may pay all the hospital bills and provide food and shelter during pregnancy.

Sign Legal Documents

You should make the process legal and allow the surrogate mother to sign the papers indicating that they will surrender the baby once they are born. Some surrogates might get attached to the baby and refuse to give them up.

Permanent infertility might make it difficult to get a baby, but you can opt for surrogate services. Surrogates are mothers who carry the pregnancy and give up the baby to their parents at birth. However, you will pay for the services and provide food and shelter during pregnancy. You should ensure the surrogate mother is healthy and can carry the baby to terms. You may consider getting a full medical exam and discussing the fees upfront before opting for their services.