Access the Most Up-To-Date Hair Restoration Solutions Available in Texas

Hair Restoration

Texas Hair Restoration Center is a full-scope hair loss treatment center that offers every patient scientifically proven remedies. The facility is strategically situated at the heart of Austin, TX, and is readily accessible to people from all across Travis County. Paul Pearce, MD, and his staff of clinical specialists understand that hair restoration is much more than just hair. The care concentrates on improving the physical aspect of your hair as well as your confidence. To establish how you could benefit from the care, set up a consultation with Dr. Paul M Pearce through mobile or book online today.

Meet Dr. Pearce

Paul Pearce, MD, is committed to assisting patients in resolving hair loss difficulties and offers the most advanced hair restoration techniques accessible. Dr. Pearce greets patients as they arrive at Texas Hair Restoration Center in Austin, TX, with a warm and friendly smile.

Dr. Pearce was admitted into a rigorous residency program following his Doctor of Medicine at St. George’s University School of Medicine in West Indies, Grenada. He completed a general surgery residency at multiple hospitals in New York City and New Jersey, such as the famed Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Dr. Pearce gained considerable expertise in trauma and acute treatment while practicing alongside prominent cancer surgeons. Nonetheless, Dr. Pearce was particularly intrigued by plastic surgery and its potential of making patients feel more secure about their looks.

Pearce then finished a demanding plastic surgery residency program at the University of Texas Health San Antonio. Throughout this time, he received first-hand experience in reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery. The American Board of Surgery now recognizes Dr. Pearce as a board-certified surgeon.

Dr. Pearce extended his training and study over the years to treat individuals suffering from hair loss. He recognizes the negative effect that modest to serious hair loss could have on a patient’s self-confidence. Dr. Pearce spends time educating his patients about the hair restoration procedure during initial meetings and assisting them in selecting the most appropriate treatment for their demands.

Dr. Pearce’s patients love his observation to detail and readiness to respond to all of their questions. He strives to surpass expectations by making every patient’s hair restoration experience the best possible.

What are the Available Services?

The goal of Dr. Pearce and his Texas Hair Restoration Center team is to assist every patient in achieving their demands in a comfortable, caring, and effective manner. Some of the available hair restoration options available include:

o   Surgical hair restoration

o   Laser caps

o   Growth factor injections

o   Non-surgical hair restoration

o   Medical therapy

Reviews & Testimonials

Dr. Pearce values comments from his esteemed patients. He is happy to have obtained four reviews with a 5 out of 5 stars mean rating so far. Visit the facility’s webpage to see what other people are saying about the practice.

Whether a patient is having mild thinning hair or more significant difficulties such as a receding hairline or baldness, the staff could assist. Because early action is critical when pertaining to hair loss, patients can arrange an appointment online or by phone.